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Company Vision

The Human Regenerator Power Jet is an advanced wellness device, aiming to enhance human longevity, vitality and overall quality of life. 

Our unique delivery method uses Cold Atmospheric Plasma Technology (CAP+) to improve cellular health and promote overall wellness.

The Human Regenerator is designed to integrate seamlessly into your wellness routine, offering a sophisticated and non-invasive method to support your body's natural functions.

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Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP)

PLASMA: The Fourth State of Matter


  • Plasma, often referred to as the the fourth state of matter, is an ionised gas composed of charged particles, formed when electrons are separated from their parent atoms.

  • This ionisation gives plasma unique properties, making it highly conductive and responsive.

  • Plasma is the most abundant form of ordinary matter in the universe, present in stars, lightning, and the Northern Lights.

  • It can be artificially generated by heating a neutral gas or subjecting it to strong electric currents.



  • Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) operates at room temperature, enabling its use in various applications without the need for high temperatures or special containment.

  • CAP is widely used in industrial processes such as surface modification, material coating, and semiconductor manufacturing.

  • It also plays a role in environmental applications like air and water purification.

  • Recently, CAP has been explored for medical uses, due to its antimicrobial properties and ability to promote tissue regeneration.

Key Milestones


Sir William Crookes identifies "radiant matter" in vacuum tubes.

Early 1890s

Nikola Tesla conducted pioneering experiments with high-frequency currents and high-voltage electrical discharges, laying the groundwork for understanding plasma.


Irving Langmuir named the phenomenon "plasma" due to its life-like behaviour and further explored its properties with Lewi Tonks, establishing modern plasma physics.

1940s - 1950s

Hannes Alfvén's research on magnetohydrodynamics earned him the Nobel Prize in 1970, highlighting plasma's role in space physics and controlled fusion research.

The Human Regenerator Technology



  • At its core, the Human Regenerator employs a sophisticated plasma generation system.

  • By applying high voltage to precision-engineered jets on the bed's surface, it interacts with ambient air to create cold atmospheric plasma.

  • This specially calibrated cold plasma consists of static energy, anions, and electrons, which are air-transmitted to the patient, generating micro-currents in the cells.



  • When you lay down on the Human Regenerator, special grade stainless steel applicators are positioned on your hands, feet, or other targeted areas.

  • These applicators facilitate an efficient flow of electrons through your body.

  • The human body, enriched with minerals and electrolytes, acts as a natural semiconductor, allowing this electron flow to occur seamlessly.



  • Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) exhibits significant antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties, supported by various scientific studies.

  • When your body is surrounded by CAP, the reactive oxygen and nitrogen species penetrate tissues, interacting with cells to promote regeneration and combat pathogens.

  • These reactive species target and destroy harmful cells while sparing healthy ones, ensuring a safe and effective treatment.

Step-by-step Process


High-voltage plasma jets produce a continuous stream of negatively charged ions and electrons.

Core Applications and Benefits 

Various independent doctors have observed the impact of the Human Regenerator Power Jet on reducing oxidative stress, enhancing ATP production, promoting cellular energy, and managing inflammation.

While we refrain from making definitive medical claims, these core applications have shown to provide remarkable results for our clients.


Combatting Oxidative Stress

  • Oxidative stress, caused by factors like environmental toxins, poor diet, inflammation, and illness, leads to free radicals that damage cells and DNA.

  • These free radicals are highly reactive due to their lack of one electron.

  • The negatively charged ions generated by the Human Regenerator Power Jet donate electrons to these free radicals, assisting in neutralising them and counteracting oxidative stress.

  • This process aims to support cellular health and may mitigate the effects of ageing and degeneration.

electricity body.jpeg

Regulating Cellular Electrical Stress

  • Micro-currents generated by the CAP technology interact with the body's cells, which can vary in electrical stress due to age, physical constitution, and health conditions.

  • Low electrical stress in cells is often linked to diseases, exhaustion, and age-related degeneration.

  • The Human Regenerator works to regulate these electrical stress conditions, optimising them for better cellular function.


ATP Production

  • Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the main energy source for cells, essential for all bodily functions.

  • It is made up of a molecule called adenosine and three phosphate groups.

  • Observations suggest that the Human Regenerator Power Jet might help with increasing ATP production, potentially boosting energy levels and improving overall cellular health.


Inflammation Management

  • As a result of combatting oxidative stress, the technology helps to mitigate inflammation around the body.

  • Users of the device have reported soothing effects on inflamed areas, supporting comfort and health.

Your clients can expect the following benefits:

Immune System Support

Accelerated Healing and Recovery

Enhanced Energy Levels

Anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial support

Mental Wellness Support

Skin, hair and nail strength and growth

Disclaimer: The Human Regenerator Jet is intended to support overall wellness. Individuals experiences may vary and it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Customer Testimonials

"I have recently added Human Regenerator into my health protocol with some amazing effects, both physically and mentally. Being surrounded by a zone full of available electrons, the Human Regenerator Jet, really intrigues me. Free electrons are required to produce chemical energy (ATP) production in the electron transport chain and may be adopted by free radical species, neutralising them in the process. Being surrounded in a zone and having these electrons pumped through the body is a pleasant experience and i have to say one that left me feeling remarkably mentally clearer and full of energy, almost instantly. These effects are heightened when I have undertaken the therapy with my personalised intravenous (IV) therapy.”

Dr Michael Barnish MBChB

Human Regenerator Jet  | For Your Business

Device Features and Design

The Human Regenerator Power Jet offers a comfortable, bed-like design. Users simply relax and lie down for the treatment. During the session, you will feel a gentle breeze (CAP from the jets) and a slight tingling sensation around your body.

Device Exterior

  • Medical-grade leather cushions with nanotechnology offer exceptional durability and resist wear-and-tear for extended use.

    • Standard Cushions (up to 140kg) offer a soft and supportive base for optimal comfort.

    • Reinforced Cushions (over 140kg+) offer a specially designed, extra-firm centre cushion to provide enhanced stability and support.

Stainless steel contact applicators to facilitate the efficient transfer of electrons through the body.

User-friendly control panel to facilitate sessions.


Dimensions: 250 x 235 x 130 cm (w x h x d)

Weight: 280kg

Power supply: 220 - 240V (50/.60 Hz)

Energy usage: Operating max. 195W / Standby 165W


Space: 3.5 x 3.5m

Ventilation: Air conditioning or windows

Humidity: max. 60%

Grid supply: Type B Plug with grounding pin

  • The installation process takes approximately four hours to complete.

  • Training is between 1-3 days, depending on the number of staff. We can offer training either in person or over video call.

  • All staff will be required to go through our preliminary training to be equipped with all required information to operate the machine.

  • We also provide a user manual for your use and reference.

Protocols & Contraindications

Whilst there are no specific protocols, for optimal customer satisfaction, we suggest the following guidelines for different types of businesses:

When your customers are not bound to limited time or frequency

Examples:Studios • Walk-In Centres • Salons • Public Clinics & similar


• 1-2 times a week, then continue 1 time a week / bi-weekly


• 3 times a week for couple of weeks. Reduce to 2 times a week for a couple weeks, then reduce to 1 time a week

When your customers are bound to limited by time at the facility

Examples:Hotels • Stay-In Clinics • Stay-In Wellness Centres & similar 


• Use daily

LONG STAYS (1-2 weeks):

• 3 - 4 times a week

Note: ideally your customer receives a minimum or 3-4 sessions throughout their stay


  • All individuals using the Human Regenerator Jet must have no implanted electronic devices.
  • Alternative considerations are entirely at the discretion of the commercial business owner.

Cost & Purchase Options





Dependent on destination country


Dependent on destination country

Estimated Delivery Costs and Guidelines

Zone 1 
  • Central and Far Europe 

  • Cost: €0 - €3,000

Zone 2
  • Middle East and Far East

  • Cost: €6,000 - €9,000

Zone 3
  • North America, South America and Oceania 

  • Cost: €8,000 - €11,000

Purchasing Options

Option 1
  • 50% on order, 50% pre/on delivery

Option 2
  • 40% on order, then 12-36 monthly payments with 3-5% interest rates.

  • Once the full price is paid, the device becomes buyers property.

  • We do not offer this to everyone.

  • This "finance" is a direct agreement with the company.

Option 3
  • Full Financing via our financing partner, Peac Solutions (Pan-European Americas Capital Solutions), operating in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic.

Return on Investment

ROI is calculated based on average price per session* - €220*


Session price varies from €150 to €375 per session, depending on package offerings and location.


3 Sessions / day

€660 / day

Investment returned in: 233 days


6 Sessions / day

€1320 / day

Investment returned in: 117 days


10 Sessions / day

€2200 / day

Investment returned in: 70 days

Earning Potential


Based on: 1 year (255 working days)


3 Sessions / day

€660 / day

Revenue potential: €168,300


6 Sessions / day

€1320 / day

Revenue potential: €336,600


10 Sessions / day

€2200 / day

Revenue potential: €561,000

Our International Presence

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