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Plasma, often referred to as the fourth state of matter, is a unique ionised gas made up of charged particles formed when electrons separate from their parent atoms. Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) is a variation of plasma that operates at room temperature, making it safe for wellness applications. CAP shares some similarities with traditional plasmas but stands out due to its significant temperature difference between electrons and heavy particles. It can be produced at atmospheric pressure, allowing for direct application without the need for a vacuum chamber. The Human Regenerator Jet utilises CAP technology (which we call CAP+), delivering a concentrated and specially calibrated CAP+ treatment to the entire body at once. With specially designed contact applicators, Human Regenerator Jet is able to address more specific areas that need help without compromising the full body application. Unlike conventional devices, it envelops the body in an electrostatic field, ensuring comprehensive treatment. This innovative approach facilitates cellular energy exchange, promoting overall well-being while boosting the body's self-healing mechanism. The human body is naturally designed to heal itself, but factors such as age, illness, toxins, and lifestyle often hinder its ability to heal at an optimum level and speed. Throughout our exploration, we will endeavor to uncover these reasons, while also acknowledging that science is an ever-evolving field.


OXIDATIVE STRESS IS an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in the body, which can lead to cell and tissue damage. Oxidative stress occurs naturally and plays a role in the aging process. A large body of scientific evidence suggests that long-term oxidative stress contributes to the development in a range of chronic conditions.

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OXIDATIVE STRESS OCCURS WHEN highly reactive and unstable atoms, ions, or molecules, known as free radicals, damage the cells in our body. These free radicals form when a molecule loses or gains electrons, resulting in an imbalance that renders them unstable. In an attempt to regain stability, free radicals scavenge other molecules, stealing their electrons. This process, known as "oxidation," occurs when a free radical molecule attacks another molecule to obtain its electron. The molecule that loses its electron becomes unstable and transforms into a free radical, initiating a chain reaction as it seeks to replace its missing electron. This chain reaction leads to oxidative stress, causing cellular damage and weakening, which, if unaddressed, can ultimately result in cell death or mutation.

THE HUMAN REGENERATOR JET employs cutting-edge technology to combat the cellular oxidation process and degeneration by neutralising free radicals. Utilising CAP+ technology, the Human Regenerator Jet delivers a stream of anions, which carry an extra electron, targeting free radicals and damaged cells. These anions react with the free radicals, transmitting the missing electrons through micro-currents, effectively counteracting the degenerative effects of oxidative stress. Moreover, with specially designed contact applicators, the Human Regenerator Jet can increase the delivery of these anions to specific areas without compromising the comprehensive full-body therapy. This innovative approach offers a direct, gentle, and effective solution to oxidative stress, while also providing cells with additional energy through the static electric field.

human regenerator, cell regeneration therapy, cell therapy


WHAT IS ATP? In the modern world, money is used to purchase things - it is used as currency. In the cellular world, ATP is used as a form of currency, to purchase energy! ATP or otherwise known by its full name adenosine triphosphate works hard at producing cellular energy. It is the reason the food which you consume can be used to complete all the tasks which you perform. It is essentially a vessel that exchanges energy in every cell of the human body and without it, the nutritional benefits of food just wouldn't be used as efficiently or as effectively. It would take just a few seconds for a living organism to die if ATP production stopped.

ATP, cell regeneration, human regenerator, cellular regeneration therapy

THE ELECTRON TRANSPORT CHAIN is a series of four protein complexes that couple redox reactions, creating an electrochemical gradient that leads to the creation of ATP in a complete system named oxidative phosphorylation. It occurs in mitochondria in both cellular respiration and photosynthesis. In the electron transport chain, electrons are passed from one molecule to another, and energy released in these electron transfers is used to form an electrochemical gradient. In chemiosmosis, the energy stored in the gradient is used to make ATP.

THE HUMAN REGENERATOR JET, through the delivery of anions, which carry an extra electron, plays a crucial role in supporting ATP production by facilitating the electron transport chain (ETC) process. In the ETC, electrons are sequentially passed from one molecule to another within a chain of proteins, leading to the formation of an electrochemical gradient. As electrons move through this chain, their reduction potential increases, releasing energy that is utilized to pump protons across the mitochondrial inner membrane. This process generates an electrochemical gradient, which drives the synthesis of ATP, the cell's primary energy source. By delivering anions with additional electrons, the electron transport chain is enhanced, allowing for more efficient transfer of electrons and ultimately promoting ATP synthesis. This ensures that cells have an adequate supply of ATP to support various cellular functions and metabolic processes.

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The electrical cell voltage of the human membranes is between 20mV and 100mV. There is an excess of negative charges inside the cell and an excess of positive charges in the cell environment. The plasma design of the Human Regenerator regulates the electrical load conditions and recharges the cells.The CAP technology generates a cell responsive, highly concentrated, specially calibrated field. The generators produce an energetically active static electric field that consists anions and electrons which are air transmitted to the patient and correspond to micro currents in the cells. Depending on age and physical constitution micro currents in the cells are in different electrical stress condition. Low electrical stress conditions of the cells are the result of diseases, states of exhaustion and the age-related, qualitative degeneration process.


The autonomic nervous system comprises the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions, controlling bodily functions that drive performance and energy consumption, and facilitate recovery and energy replenishment, respectively. The VNS Analysis, unlike a standard ECG, assesses the variability of time intervals between heartbeats, reflecting the autonomic nervous system's functionality and the organism's adaptability. Prolonged stress can disrupt this balance, favoring the sympathetic system and potentially leading to chronic conditions like arterial hypertension. With over 10,000 studies and endorsements from German medical associations, the VNS Analysis serves as a valuable tool for detecting autonomic nervous system changes that may pose health risks. It also proves useful for monitoring the effectiveness of treatments like the Human Regenerator Jet, as depicted in the graphic showing pre- and post-treatment measurements. Notably, treatment with the Human Regenerator Jet results in significant reductions in heart rate (purple) and sympathetic tension (red), while promoting superior recovery of the parasympathetic relaxation nerve (blue) compared to other regenerative therapies.

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